Topics for Final Theses

The opportunities for students are as broad as our research areas: Internships, Bachelor's and Master's theses are regularly offered by the sections.

Molecular plant breeding

The topics for theses focus on our current research projects in the field of plant resistance to pathogens and breeding of ornamental and crop plants. As pathosystems we address usually roses, potatoes and phytopathogenic fungi, but also nematodes.

Plant biotechnology

We offer bachelor's and master's theses for all degree programmes in which we are involved. The theses are closely oriented to our current research topics, such as

  • Genome Editing with TALEN und CRISPR (Boch group),
  • TALEs as virulence factors of plant pathogenic bacteria (Boch group)
  • Wolffia australiana or microalgae as production systems for pharmaceutically relevant proteins (Reinard group)

Winter semester 2022/23

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expected November 2022

Plant genomics

We offer master's thesis topics based on our current research interests in arbuscular mycorrhizae. Traditionally, our topics include cloning of reporter gene fusions and knockdown/knockout constructs. The intent of the latter is to use RNA interference or CRISPR/Cas to down-regulate or knockout the expression of candidate genes. The constructs are expressed in transgenic Medicago truncatula roots, which are subsequently analyzed transcriptionally, histologically, and phenotypically. The aim of the work is the elucidation of the function of selected genes for the formation of an arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis.

Plant molecular biology and plant proteomics

Our topics are related to a study of plant energy metabolism and can be arranged individually. In each semester we offer a date for preliminary discussion for interested students.


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