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Schröder, L., Rupp, O., Senkler, M., Rugen, N., Hohnjec, N., Goesmann, A., Küster, H., & Braun, H.-P. (2023). The Viscum album Gene Space database. Frontiers in Plant Science, 14, Article 1193122.


Schröder, L., Hohnjec, N., Senkler, M., Senkler, J., Küster, H., & Braun, H.-P. (2021). The gene space of European mistletoe (Viscum album). Plant Journal, 109(1), 278-294.,


Hartmann, R. M., Schaepe, S., Nübel, D., Petersen, A. C., Bertolini, M., Vasilev, J., Kuester, H., & Hohnjec, N. (2019). Insights into the complex role of GRAS transcription factors in the arbuscular mycorrhiza symbiosis. Scientific reports, 9(1), Article 3360.,


Uhe, M., Hogekamp, C., Hartmann, R. M., Hohnjec, N., & Kuester, H. (2018). The mycorrhiza-dependent defensin MtDefMd1 of Medicago truncatula acts during the late restructuring stages of arbuscule-containing cells. PLOS ONE, 13(1), Article e0191841.,


Hohnjec, N., Czaja-Hasse, L. F., Hogekamp, C., & Küster, H. (2015). Pre-announcement of symbiotic guests: Transcriptional reprogramming by mycorrhizal lipochitooligosaccharides shows a strict co-dependency on the GRAS transcription factors NSP1 and RAM1. BMC GENOMICS, 16(1), Article 994.


Bintig, W., Begandt, D., Schlingmann, B., Gerhard, L., Pangalos, M., Dreyer, L., Hohnjec, N., Couraud, P. O., Romero, I. A., Weksler, B. B., & Ngezahayo, A. (2012). Purine receptors and Ca 2+ signalling in the human blood-brain barrier endothelial cell line hCMEC/D3. Purinergic signalling, 8(1), 71-80.
Czaja, L. F., Hogekamp, C., Lamm, P., Maillet, F., Martinez, E. A., Samain, E., Dénarié, J., Küster, H., & Hohnjec, N. (2012). Transcriptional responses toward diffusible signals from symbiotic microbes reveal MtNFP- and MtDMI3-dependent reprogramming of host gene expression by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal lipochitooligosaccharidesspi. Plant physiology, 159(4), 1671-1685.


Hogekamp, C., Arndt, D., Pereira, P. A., Becker, J. D., Hohnjec, N., & Küster, H. (2011). Laser microdissection unravels cell-type-specific transcription in arbuscular mycorrhizal roots, including CAAT-Box transcription factor gene expression correlating with fungal contact and spread. Plant physiology, 157(4), 2023-2043.


Baier, M. C., Keck, M., Gödde, V., Niehaus, K., Küster, H., & Hohnjec, N. (2010). Knockdown of the symbiotic sucrose synthase MtSucS1 affects arbuscule maturation and maintenance in mycorrhizal roots of Medicago truncatula. Plant physiology, 152(2), 1000-1014.


Hohnjec, N., Lenz, F., Fehlberg, V., Vieweg, M. F., Baier, M. C., Hause, B., & Küster, H. (2009). The signal peptide of the Medicago truncatula modular nodulin MtNOD25 operates as an address label for the specific targeting of proteins to nitrogen-fixing symbiosomes. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, 22(1), 63-72.
Schenkluhn, L., Hohnjec, N., Niehaus, K., Schmitz, U., & Colditz, F. (2009). Differential gel electrophoresis (DIGE) to quantitatively monitor early symbiosis- and pathogenesis-induced changes of the Medicago truncatula root proteome. Journal of Proteomics, 73(4), 753-768.


Combier, J. P., Küster, H., Journet, E. P., Hohnjec, N., Gamas, P., & Niebel, A. (2008). Evidence for the involvement in nodulation of the two small putative regulatory peptide-encoding genes MtRALFL1 and MtDVL1. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, 21(8), 1118-1127.
Marino, D., Hohnjec, N., Küster, H., Moran, J. F., González, E. M., & Arrese-Igor, C. (2008). Evidence for transcriptional and post-translational regulation of sucrose synthase in pea nodules by the cellular redox state. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, 21(5), 622-630.


Baier, M. C., Barsch, A., Küster, H., & Hohnjec, N. (2007). Antisense repression of the Medicago truncatula nodule-enhanced sucrose synthase leads to a handicapped nitrogen fixation mirrored by specific alterations in the symbiotic transcriptome and metabolome. Plant physiology, 145(4), 1600-1618.
Küster, H., Becker, A., Firnhaber, C., Hohnjec, N., Manthey, K., Perlick, A. M., Bekel, T., Dondrup, M., Henckel, K., Goesmann, A., Meyer, F., Wipf, D., Requena, N., Hildebrandt, U., Hampp, R., Nehls, U., Krajinski, F., Franken, P., & Pühler, A. (2007). Development of bioinformatic tools to support EST-sequencing, in silico- and microarray-based transcriptome profiling in mycorrhizal symbioses. PHYTOCHEMISTRY, 68(1), 19-32.
Küster, H., Vieweg, M. F., Manthey, K., Baier, M. C., Hohnjec, N., & Perlick, A. M. (2007). Identification and expression regulation of symbiotically activated legume genes. PHYTOCHEMISTRY, 68(1), 8-18.
Nyamsuren, O., Firnhaber, C., Hohnjec, N., Becker, A., Küster, H., & Krajinski, F. (2007). Suppression of the pathogen-inducible Medicago truncatula putative protease-inhibitor MtTi2 does not influence root infection by Aphanomyces euteiches but results in transcriptional changes from wildtype roots. Plant science, 173(2), 84-95.


Hohnjec, N., Henckel, K., Bekel, T., Gouzy, J., Dondrup, M., Goesmann, A., & Küster, H. (2006). Transcriptional snapshots provide insights into the molecular basis of arbuscular mycorrhiza in the model legume Medicago truncatula. Functional plant biology, 33(8), 737-748.


Fehlberg, V., Vieweg, M. F., Dohmann, E. M. N., Hohnjec, N., Pühler, A., Perlick, A. M., & Küster, H. (2005). The promoter of the leghaemoglobin gene VfLb29: Functional analysis and identification of modules necessary for its activation in the infected cells of root nodules and in the arbuscule-containing cells of mycorrhizal roots. Journal of experimental botany, 56(413), 799-806.
Hohnjec, N., Vieweg, M. F., Pühler, A., Becker, A., & Küster, H. (2005). Overlaps in the transcriptional profiles of Medicago truncatula roots inoculated with two different Glomus fungi provide insights into the genetic program activated during arbuscular mycorrhiza. Plant physiology, 137(4), 1283-1301.