List of Publications Prof. Dr. Jens Boch

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Costa, J., Pothier, J. F., Bosis, E., Boch, J., Kölliker, R., & Koebnik, R. (2024). A Community-Curated DokuWiki Resource on Diagnostics, Diversity, Pathogenicity, and Genetic Control of Xanthomonads. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, 37(3), 347-353.
Roeschlin, R. A., Azad, S. M., Grove, R. P., Chuan, A., García, L., Niñoles, R., Uviedo, F., Villalobos-Piña, L., Massimino, M. E., Marano, M. R., Boch, J., & Gadea, J. (2024). Designer transcription activator-like effectors enable discovery of cell death-inducer genes. Plant Physiology. Advance online publication.
Zhang, D., & Boch, J. (2024). Development of TALE-adenine base editors in plants. Plant Biotechnology Journal, 22(5), 1067-1077.
Zhang, D., Pries, V., & Boch, J. (2024). Targeted C•G-to-T•A base editing with TALE-cytosine deaminases in plants. BMC Biology, 22(1), 99. Article 99.


Erkes, A., Grove, R. P., Žarković, M., Krautwurst, S., Koebnik, R., Morgan, R. D., Wilson, G. G., Hölzer, M., Marz, M., Boch, J., & Grau, J. (2023). Assembling highly repetitive Xanthomonas TALomes using Oxford Nanopore sequencing. BMC GENOMICS, 24, Article 151.
Wei, J., Brophy, B., Cole, S. A., Leath, S., Oback, B., Boch, J., Wells, D. N., & Laible, G. (2023). Production of light-coloured, low heat-absorbing Holstein Friesian cattle by precise embryo-mediated genome editing. Reproduction, Fertility and Development, 36(2), 112-123.


Assou, J., Zhang, D., Roth, K. D. R., Steinke, S., Hust, M., Reinard, T., Winkelmann, T., & Boch, J. (2022). Removing the major allergen Bra j I from brown mustard (Brassica juncea) by CRISPR/Cas9. Plant Journal, 109(3), 649-663.
Becker, S., Mücke, S., Grau, J., & Boch, J. (2022). Flexible TALEs for an expanded use in gene activation, virulence and scaffold engineering. Nucleic Acids Research, 50(4), 2387-2400.
Costa, J., Pothier, J. F., Boch, J., Stefani, E., & Koebnik, R. (2022). Integrating science on Xanthomonas and Xylella for integrated plant disease management. Microorganisms, 11(1), Article 6.
Heinemann, D., Zabic, M., Terakawa, M., & Boch, J. (2022). Laser-based molecular delivery and its applications in plant science. Plant Methods, 18(1), Article 82.,
Johannsmeier, S., Londenberg, A., Zabic, M., Schiwack, J., Boch, J., Ripken, T., & Heinemann, D. (2022). Plasmonic-induced molecular transfer and its perspectives in plant Science. In D. L. Andrews, A. J. Bain, & J.-M. Nunzi (Eds.), Nanophotonics IX Article 1213113 (Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering; Vol. 12131). SPIE.
Skoppek, C. I., Punt, W., Heinrichs, M., Ordon, F., Wehner, G., Boch, J., & Streubel, J. (2022). The barley HvSTP13GR mutant triggers resistance against biotrophic fungi. Molecular Plant Pathology, 23(2), 278-290.
Wei, J., Brophy, B., Cole, S. A., Moormann, J., Boch, J., & Laible, G. (2022). Cytoplasmic injection of zygotes to genome edit naturally occurring sequence variants into bovine embryos. Frontiers in Genetics, 13, Article 925913.


Becker, S., & Boch, J. (2021). TALE and TALEN genome editing technologies. Gene and Genome Editing, 2, Article 100007.
Cable, J., Ronald, P. C., Voytas, D., Zhang, F., Levy, A. A., Takatsuka, A., Arimura, S.-I., Jacobsen, S. E., Toki, S., Toda, E., Gao, C., Zhu, J.-K., Boch, J., Van Eck, J., Mahfouz, M., Andersson, M., Fridman, E., Weiss, T., Wang, K., ... Bagchi, R. (2021). Plant genome engineering from lab to field: a Keystone Symposia report. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1506(1), 35-54.
Costa, J., Pothier, J. F., Boch, J., Stefani, E., Jacques, M.-A., Catara, V., & Koebnik, R. (2021). Integrating science on Xanthomonadaceae for sustainable plant disease management in Europe. Molecular Plant Pathology, 22(12), 1461-1463.
Erkes, A., Mücke, S., Reschke, M., Boch, J., & Grau, J. (2021). Epigenetic features improve TALE target prediction. BMC GENOMICS, 22(1), Article 914.
Hernández-Soto, A., Echeverría-Beirute, F., Abdelnour-Esquivel, A., Valdez-Melara, M., Boch, J., & Gatica-Arias, A. (2021). Rice breeding in the new era: Comparison of useful agronomic traits. Current Plant Biology, 27, Article 100211.


Londenberg, A., Bartels, F. M., Kqakpo Quaye, J., Boch, J., Ripken, T., & Heinemann, D. (2020). Targeted genome editing in potato protoplast via optical delivery of CRISPR/Cas9 ribonucleoproteins. In D. L. Andrews, A. J. Bain, M. Kauranen, & J.-M. Nunzi (Eds.), Nanophotonics VIII Article 1134527 (Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering; Vol. 11345). SPIE.


Erkes, A., Mücke, S., Reschke, M., Boch, J., & Grau, J. (2019). PrediTALE: A novel model learned from quantitative data allows for new perspectives on TALE targeting. PLoS Computational Biology, 15(7), Article e1007206.,