Neue Publikation in Nature Plants: Proteinsuperkomplex der pflanzlichen Atmungskette

New publication in Nature Plants: Protein supercomplex of the mitochondrial respiratory chain

Published in the journal Nature Plants on 30 December 2022:
Klusch, N., Dreimann, M., Senkler, J. et al. Cryo-EM structure of the respiratory I + III2 supercomplex from Arabidopsis thaliana at 2 Å resolution. Nat. Plants (2022).

The research group led by Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Braun in cooperation with the research team led by Dr. Niklas Klusch and Professor Werner Kühlbrandt from the Max Planck Institute of Biophysics in Frankfurt  recently succeeded in resolving the structure of a protein supercomplex involved in the respiration of plant cells.