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Original Publications

Yang, ZB, Eticha, D., Führs, H., Gallien, S., Heintz, D., Van Dorsselaer, A., Schlingmann, B., Rao, I.M., Braun, H.P. & Horst, W.J.  (2013): Proteomic analysis of polyethylene glycol-induced osmotic stress in root tips of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)., J. Exp. Botany 64, 5569-5586 weitere Informationen

Peterhänsel, C., Krause, K., Braun, H.P., Espie, G.S., Fernie, A.R., Hanson, D.T., Keech, O., Maurino, V.G., Mielewczik, M. and Sage, R.F. (2013): Engineering photorespiration: Current state and future possibilities., Plant Biology, in press. weitere Informationen

Hildebrandt, H., Viscomi, C., Di Meo, I, Zeviani, M. and Braun, H.P.  (2013): Proteome adaptations in Ethe1 deficient mice indicate a role in lipid catabolism and cytoskeleton organization via post-translational protein modifications., Biosci. Rep. 33, art:e00052, doi 10.1042/BSR20130051 weitere Informationen

Blume, C., Behrens, C., Eubel, H., Braun, H.P. and Peterhänsel, C.  (2013): A possible role for the chloroplast pyruvate dehydrogenase complex in plant glycolate and glyoxylate metabolism., Phytochemistry 95, 168-176. weitere Informationen

Behrens, C., Blume, C., Senkler, M., Eubel, H., Peterhänsel, C. and Braun, H.P. (2013): The ‘protein complex proteome’ of chloroplasts in Arabidopsis thaliana., J. Proteomics 91, 73-83. weitere Informationen

Borisjuk, L., Neuberger, T., Schwender, J., Heinzel, N., Sunderhaus, S., Fuchs, J., Hay, J.O., Tschiersch, H., Braun, H.P., Denolf, P., Lambert, B., Jakob, P.M. and Rolletschek, H. (2013): Seed architecture shapes embryo metabolism in oilseed rape., Plant Cell 25, 1625-1640. weitere Informationen

Peters K., Belt, K. and Braun, H.P. (2013): 3D gel map of Arabidopsis complex I., Frontiers in Plant Proteomics, doi: 10.2289/fpls.2013.00153 weitere Informationen

Mwangi, J.W., Rode, C., Colditz, F., Haase, C., Braun, H.P. and Winkelmann, T. (2013): Proteomic and histological analyses of endosperm development in Cyclamen persicum as a basis for optimization of somatic embryogenesis., Plant Science 201/202, 52-65. weitere Informationen

Kiirika, L., Behrens, C., Braun, H.P. and Colditz, F. (2013): The mitochondrial complexome of Medicago truncatula., Front. Plant Sci., 15 April 2013 | doi: 10.3389/fpls.2013.00084 weitere Informationen

Noah, A.M., Niemenak, N., Sunderhaus, S., Haase, C., Omokolo1, D.N., Winkelmann, T. and Braun, H.P. (2013): Comparative proteomic analysis of early somatic and zygotic embryogenesis in Theobroma cacao L. , J. Proteomics 78, 123-133. weitere Informationen

Behrens, C., Hartmann, K., Sunderhaus, S., Braun, H.P. and Eubel, H. (2013): Theoretical and experimental analysis of native isoelectric points of membrane protein complexes of Arabidopsis chloroplasts and mitochondria., Biochim. Biophy. Acta (Biomembranes) 1828, 1036–1046. weitere Informationen

Nietzel, T., Dudkina, N.V., Haase, C., Denolf, P., Semchonok, D., Boekema, E.J., Braun, H.P., Sunderhaus, S. (2013): The native structure and composition of the Cruciferin complex in Brassica napus., J. Biol. Chem. 288, 2238–2245 weitere Informationen

Hauler, A., Jonietz, C., Stoll, B., Stoll, K., Braun, H.P. and Binder, S. (2013): RNA PROCESSING FACTOR 5 is required for efficient 5’ cleavage at a processing site conserved in RNAs of three different mitochondrial genes in Arabidopsis thaliana. , Plant J. 74(4):593-604 weitere Informationen

Other Publications

Kleinhammer, C. and Braun, H.P.  (2013): Mehr Geld für den Nachwuchs., Transkript Vo1. 19, Heft Nr. 8-9, p 74.

Braun, H.P.  (2013): An outside perspective on the Centre for Plant Energy Biology (PEB)., Centre for Plant Energy Biology, Annual Report 2012, p 36.

Braun, H.P.  (2013): Tagungsbericht: 18th Lorne Proteomics Symposium, Australia., Transkript Vol. 19, Heft 4, p 43.