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Original Publications

Winkelmann T , Rode C, Bartsch M, Prange A, Heintz D, Van Dorsselaer A, Braun HP (2010): Towards a Better Understanding of Somatic Embryogenesis in Cyclamen persicum., Acta Hort., in press.

Colditz, F. and Braun, H.P. (2010): Medicago truncatula proteomics., J. Proteomics 73, 1974-1985. weitere Informationen

Tarantino, D., Santo, N., Morandini, P., Casagrande, F., Braun, H.P., Heinemeyer, J., Vigani, G., Soave, C. and Murgia, I. (2010): AtFer4 ferritin is a determinant of iron homeostasis in Arabidopsis thaliana heterotrophic cells. , J. Plant Physiol. 167, 1598–1605.

Dahal, D., Pich, A., Braun, H.P. and Wydra, K. (2010): Proteomic analysis of stem cell wall proteins regulated by Ralstonia solanacearum invasion in susceptible and resistant tomato genotypes., Plant Mol. Biol. 73, 643-658.

Rode, C., Braun, H.-P. , Gallien, S., Heintz, D., Van Dorsselaer, A., Winkelmann, T.  (2010): Establishment of Proteome Reference Maps for Somatic and Zygotic Embryos of Cyclamen persicum Mill.., Acta Hort. 855: 239 - 242

Klodmann, J., Sunderhaus, S., Nimtz, M., Jänsch, L. and Braun, H.P.  (2010): Internal architecture of mitochondrial complex I from Arabidopsis thaliana., The Plant Cell 22, 797–810 weitere Informationen

Sunderhaus, S., Klodmann, J., Lenz, C. and Braun, H.P. (2010): Supramolecular structure of the OXPHOS system in highly thermogenic tissue of Arum maculatum., Plant Phys. Biochem. 48, 265-272. weitere Informationen

Dudkina, N.V., Kouřil, R., Peters, K., Braun, H.P. and Boekema, E.J. (2010): Structure and function of mitochondrial supercomplexes., Biochim. Biophys. Acta (Bioenergetics) 1797, 664-670 weitere Informationen

Führs, H., Behrens, C., Gallien, S., Heintz, D., Van Dorsselaer, A., Braun, H.P. & Horst, W.J. (2010): Comparative proteomic and physiological characterization of Mn sensitivity and Mn tolerance in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) and rice (Oryza sativa L.)., Annals of Botany, doi: 10.1093/aob/mcq046

Rangel, A.F., Rao, I.M., Braun, H.P. and Horst, W.J. (2010): Aluminum resistance in common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) involves induction and maintenance of citrate exudation from root apices. , Plysiologia Plantarum 138, 176-190 weitere Informationen

Dudkina, N.V., Oostergetel, G. Lewejohann, D., Braun, H.P. and Boekema, E.J. (2010): Row-like organization of ATP synthase in intact mitochondria determined by cryo-electron tomography., Biochim. Biophys. Acta (Bioenergetics) 1797, 272–277 weitere Informationen

Book Articles

Welchen, E., Klodmann, J. and Braun, H.P. (2010): Biogenesis and supramolecular organization of OXPHOS system in plants., In: "Plant mitochondria", Kempken, F. (ed), "Advances of Plant Biology" series, Springer, New York, 327-355