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Michael Senkler

Institut für Pflanzengenetik
Herrenhäuser Str. 2
D-30419 Hannover
Raum: 053 (Geb. 4104)

Telefon:+49 (0)511 762 19233
Fax:+49 (0)511 - 762 14351
Sprechzeiten:Mo-Fr 08:00 - 12:00 Uhr

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System & network administrator for Unit V: Plant proteomics.

Selected projects in natural sciences:

Technical adminsitration: International Conference for Plant Mitochondrial Biologywww.icpmb.net
Programming of the GelMap Spot Visualization Toolwww.gelmap.de
Website creation & maintenance: Institute of Plant Geneticswww.genetik.uni-hannover.de
Website maintenance: Faculty of Natural Sciences, Deanery of student affairswww.naturwissenschaften.uni-hannover.de
Website creation & maintenance: Research Initiative "Applied Plant Biotechnology" (ZAP)www.zap.uni-hannover.de
Website creation & maintenance: "Plant-Soil Interface" Initiativewww.psi.uni-hannover.de
Website creation & maintenance: The Plant Proteomics Portal (TPPP)www.tppp.uni-hannover.de
Website porting to typo3: Institute of Botanywww.botanik.uni-hannover.de