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Original Publications

Krueger, S., Niehl, A., Martin, M.C.L., Steinhauser, D., Donath, A., Hildebrandt, T., Romero, L.C., Hoefgen, R., Gotor, C. and Hesse, H. (2009): Analysis of Cytosolic and Plastidic Serine Acetyltransferase Mutants and Subcellular Metabolite Distributions Suggests Interplay of the Cellular Compartments for Cysteine Biosynthesis in Arabidopsis., Plant Cell Environ 32, 349-367.

Tiranti, V., Viscomi, C., Hildebrandt, T.M., DiMeo, I., Mineri, R., Tiveron, C., Levitt, M., Prelle, A., Rimoldi, M. and Zeviani, M. (2009): Loss of ETHE1, a mitochondrial dioxygenase, causes fatal sulfide toxicity in Ethylmalonic Encephalopathy., Nat Med 15, 200-205.

Boch, J., Scholze, H., Schornack S., Landgraf, A., Hahn, S., Kay, S., Lahaye, T., Nickstadt, A., and Bonas, U. (2009): Breaking the code of DNA binding specificity of TAL-type III effectors. , Science 326, 1509-1512; published online 29 October 2009 (10.1126/science.1178811). weitere Informationen

Trapphoff T, Beutner C, Niehaus K, Colditz F (2009): Induction of distinct defense-associated protein patterns in Aphanomyces euteiches (oomycota) -elicited and -inoculated Medicago truncatula cell suspension cultures: A proteome and phosphoproteome approach., Mol. Plant-Microbe Interact. 22: 421-436.

M. A. Dita, J. V. Die, B. Román, F. Krajinski, H. Küster, M. T. Moreno, J. I. Cubero, D. Rubiales (2009): Gene expression profiling of Medicago truncatula roots in response to the parasitic plant Orobanche crenata, Weed Res 49(Suppl. 1): 66-80 weitere Informationen

Dahal, D., Heintz, D., Van Dorsselaer, A., Braun, H.P. and Wydra, K.  (2009): Pathogenesis and stress related, as well as metabolic proteins are regulated in tomato stems infected with Ralstonia solanacearum. , Plant Physiol Biochem. 47, 838-846 weitere Informationen

C. Mrosk, S. Forner, G. Hause, H. Küster, J. Kopka, B. Hause (2009): Composite Medicago truncatula plants harbouring Agrobacterium rhizogenes-transformed roots reveal normal mycorrhization by Glomus intraradices, J Exp Bot 60(13), 3797–3807 weitere Informationen

N. Jochmann, A. K. Kurze, L. F. Czaja, K. Brinkrolf, I. Brune, A. Z. Hüser, N. Hansmeier, A. Pühler, I. Borovok, A. Tauch  (2009): Genetic makeup of the Corynebacterium glutamicum LexA regulon deduced from comparative transcriptomics and in vitro DNA band shift assays., Microbiology 155(Pt 5): 1459-1477 weitere Informationen

Braun, H.P., Sunderhaus, S., Boekema, E.J. and Kouril, R. (2009): Purification of the cytochrome c reductase / cytochrome c oxidase supercomplex of yeast mitochondria., Meth. Enzymol. 456, 183-190 weitere Informationen

Bultema, J.B., Braun, H.P., Boekema, E.J. and Kouril, R. (2009): Megacomplex organization of the oxidative phosphorylation system by structural analysis of respiratory supercomplexes from potato., Biochim. Biophys. Acta (Bioenergetics) 1787, 60-67. weitere Informationen

Führs, H., Götze, S., Specht, A., Erban, A., Gallien, S., Heintz, D., Alain Van Dorsselaer, A., Kopka, J., Braun, H.P. & Horst, W.J. (2009): Characterization of leaf apoplastic peroxidases and metabolites in Vigna unguiculata in response to toxic manganese supply and silicon., J. Exp. Botany 60, 1663-1678. weitere Informationen

Heinemeyer, J., Scheibe, B., Schmitz, U.K. and Braun, H.P. (2009): Blue native DIGE as a tool for comparative analyses of protein complexes., J. Prot., 72, 539-544. weitere Informationen

Villarreal, F., Martín, V., Colaneri, A., González-Schain, N., Perales, M., Martín, M., Lombardo, C., Braun, HP, Bartoli, C. & Zabaleta, E. (2009): Ectopic expression of mitochondrial gamma Carbonic Anhydrase 2 causes male sterility by anther indehiscence., Plant Mol. Biol. 70, 471-485. weitere Informationen

Baer B, Eubel H, Taylor NL, O'Toole N, Millar AH (2009): Insights into female sperm storage from the spermathecal fluid proteome of the honeybee Apis mellifera., Genome Biol. 10: R67

Baer B, Heazlewood JL, Taylor NL, Eubel H, Millar AH (2009): The seminal fluid proteome of the honeybee Apis mellifera, Proteomics. 9: 2085-2097

Baier, C., Guicking, D. Prinz, D., Fey-Wagner,C., Wöhrmann, T., Weising, K., Debener, T. Schie, S. and Blattner, F.  (2009): Isolation and characterization of eleven new microsatellite markers for Macaranga (Euphorbiaceae). , Mol. Ecol. Res. 9: 1049-1052

Biber A, Kaufmann H, Linde M, Spiller M, Terefe D and T Debener  (2009): Molecular markers from a BAC contig spanning the Rdr1 locus: a tool for marker-assisted selection in roses. , Theor Appl Genet (accepted)

Debener, T. and Linde, M  (2009): Exploring complex ornamental genomes: The rose as a model plant., Critical Reviews in Plant Science 28: 267-280

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K. Henckel, K. J. Runte, T. Bekel, M. Dondrup, T. Jakobi, H. Küster, A. Goesmann (2009): TRUNCATULIX - a data warehouse for the legume community, BMC Plant Biol 9: 19 weitere Informationen

K. Weigelt, H. Küster, T. Rutten, A. Fait, A. R. Fernie, O. Miersch, C. Wasternack, R. J. Neil Emery, C. Desel, F. Hosein, M. Müller, I. Saalbach, H. Weber (2009): ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase deficient pea embryos reveal specific transcriptional and metabolic changes of C:N metabolism and stress responses, Plant Physiol 149(1): 395-411 weitere Informationen

M. Dondrup, S. P. Albaum, T. Griebel, K. Henckel, S. Jünemann, T. Kahlke, C. K. Kleindt, H. Küster, B. Linke, D. Mertens, V. Mittard Runte, H. Neuweger, K. J. Runte, A. Tauch, F. Tille, A. Pühler, A. Goesmann (2009): EMMA 2 - A MAGE-compliant system for the collaborative analysis and integration of microarray data, BMC Bioinformatics 10: 50 weitere Informationen

N. Hohnjec, F. Lenz, V. Fehlberg, M.F. Vieweg, M.C. Baier, B. Hause, H. Küster (2009): The signal peptide of the Medicago truncatula modular nodulin MtNOD25 operates as an address label for the specific targeting of proteins to nitrogen-fixing symbiosomes, Mol Plant-Microbe Interact 22(1): 63-72 weitere Informationen

Prinz, K, S. Schie, T. Debener, I. Hensen and K. Weising  (2009): Microsatellite markers for Spergularia media (L.) Presl. (Caryophyllaceae) and their cross-species transferability., Mol. Ecol. Res. 9: 1424-1426

Prinz, K., Hensen, I., Schie, S., Debener, T., and Weising, K (2009): Microsatellite markers for the tetraploid halophyte Suaeda maritima (L.) Dumort. (Chenopodiaceae) and cross-species amplification in related taxa., Mol. Ecol. Res. 9: 1247-1249

Schulz, D.F., Linde, M., Blechert, O and Debener, T. (2009): Evaluation of Genus Rosa germplasm for resistance to black spot downy mildew and powdery mildew., Eur. J. Hort. Sci. 74 (1): 1-9

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U. Grunwald, W. Guo, K. Fischer, S. Isayenkov, J. Ludwig-Müller, B. Hause, X. Yan, H. Küster, P. Franken (2009): Overlapping expression patterns and differential transcript levels of phosphate transporter genes in arbuscular mycorrhizal, P(i)-fertilised and phytohormone-treated Medicago truncatula roots, Planta 229(5): 1023-1034 weitere Informationen

Book Articles

Boch, J.  (2009): The art of manipulation: bacterial type III effectors and their plant targets. , In Plant pathogenic bacteria: genomics and molecular biology, R.W. Jackson, ed (Norfolk, UK: Caister Academic Press), pp. 241-271. weitere Informationen

Other Publications

Hildebrandt, T. and Grieshaber, M.K.  (2009): Tödlich und doch lebensnotwendig: Die vielen Seiten des Sulfids., Biologie in unserer Zeit 39, 328-334

Braun, H.P. (2009): Book review: Mitochondria, 2nd Edition 2008, Immo E. Scheffler, Wiley., The Quarterly Review of Biology, 84, p103

Braun, H.P. (2009): Mitochondriale Funktionen in Pflanzen., BIOspektrum 15, 143-145

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Debener, T. and Hibrand-Oyant (2009): Genetic engineering and tissue culture of roses. pp393-409 , Folta K. Gardiner S. (eds.) Genetics and genomics of rosaceae. Springer Berlin, Heidelberg, New York 2009

Huang S, Taylor NL, Narsai R, Eubel H, Whelan J, Millar AH (2009): Experimental analysis of the rice mitochondrial proteome, its biogenesis and heterogeneity., Plant Physiol. 149: 719-734