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Original Publications

Chen, Z., Kloek, A.P., Boch, J., Katagiri, F., and Kunkel, B.N. (2000): The Pseudomonas syringae avrRpt2 gene product promotes pathogen virulence from inside plant cells. , Mol. Plant-Microbe Interact. 13, 1312-1321. weitere Informationen

Nennstiel, D., Boch, J., and Bonas, U. (2000): Bakterielle Phytopathogenese - Xanthomonas als Modellorganismus. , Biospektrum 6, 23-26.

Ullrich, M.S., Schergaut, M., Boch, J., and Ullrich, B.  (2000): Temperature-responsive genetic loci in the plant pathogen Pseudomonas syringae pv. glycinea., Microbiology 146, 2457-2468. weitere Informationen

Debener, T., Janakiram, T., Mattiesch, L.  (2000): Sports and seedlings of rose varieties analysed with molecular markers., Plant Breeding 119:71-74

M. Frühling, G. Schroder, N. Hohnjec, A. Pühler, A. M. Perlick, H. Küster (2000): The promoter of the Vicia faba L. gene VfEnod12 encoding an early nodulin is active in cortical cells and nodule primordia of transgenic hairy roots of Vicia hirsuta as well as in the prefixing zone II of mature transgenic V. hirsuta root nodules, Plant Sci 160(1): 67-75 weitere Informationen

M. Frühling, N. Hohnjec, G. Schroder, H. Küster, A. Pühler, A. M. Perlick (2000): Genomic organization and expression properties of the VfENOD5 gene from broad bean (Vicia faba L.), Plant Sci 155(2): 169-178 weitere Informationen

M. Frühling, U. Albus, N. Hohnjec, G. Geise, A. Pühler, A. M. Perlick (2000): A small gene family of broad bean codes for late nodulins containing conserved cysteine clusters., Plant Sci 152(1): 67-77 weitere Informationen

N. Hohnjec, H. Küster, U. Albus, S. C. Frosch, J. D. Becker, A. Pühler, A. M. Perlick, M. Frühling (2000): The broad bean nodulin VfENOD18 is a member of a novel family of plant proteins with homologies to the bacterial MJ0577 superfamily, Mol Gen Genet 264(3): 241-250 weitere Informationen

Reinard T, Janke V, Willard J, Buck F, Jacobsen HJ, Vockley J. (2000): Cloning of a gene for an acyl-CoA dehydrogenase from Pisum sativum L. and purification and characterization of its product as an isovaleryl-CoA dehydrogenase., J Biol Chem 2000;275(43):33738-43.

Singh, P., Jänsch, L., Braun, H.P. and Schmitz, U.K. (2000): Resolution of mitochondrial and chloroplast membrane protein complexes from green leaves of potato on Blue-Native polyacrylamide gels., Indian J. Biochem. Biophys. 37, 59-66. weitere Informationen

v. Malek, B., Debener T. (2000): Identification of molecular markers linked to Rdr1, a gene conferring resistance to blackspot in roses. , Theor. Appl.Genet. 101: 977-983

Other Publications

Debener, T. (2000): Strategies for the Introduction of disease resistance genes from wild rose species into cultivated varieties. , Historic Rose Journal 19:29-33

Gandelin, M. H., Reynders-Aloisi, S., Mando, B., Debener, T., Drewes-Alvarez, R., Spellerberg, B., Cubero, J. and Roberts, A.  (2000): European network for characterisation and evaluation of genus Rosa germplasm., Acta Hort. 508: 341-344