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Kaufmann, H., Mattiesch, L., Lörz, H., & Debener, T. (2003). Construction of a BAC library of Rosa rugosa Thunb. and assembly of a contig spanning Rdr1, a gene that confers resistance to blackspot. Molecular genetics and genomics.

Linde, M., & Debener, T. (2003). Isolation and identification of eight races of powdery mildew of roses (Podosphaera pannosa) (Wallr.: Fr.) de Bary and the genetic analysis of the resistance gene Rpp1. Theoretical and applied genetics.

Marx, S., Baumgärtner, M., Kunnan, S., Braun, H. P., Lang, B. F., & Burger, G. (2003). Structure of the bc1 Complex from Seculamonas ecuadoriensis, a Jakobid Flagellate with an Ancestral Mitochondrial Genome. Molecular biology and evolution, 20(1), 145-153.

Nyamsuren, O., Colditz, F., Rosendahl, S., Tamasloukht, M., Bekel, T., Meyer, F., Kuester, H., Franken, P., & Krajinski, F. (2003). Transcriptional profiling of Medicago truncatula roots after infection with Aphanomyces euteiches (oomycota) identifies novel genes upregulated during this pathogenic interaction. Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology, 63(1), 17-26.

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Werhahn, W., Jänsch, L., & Braun, H. P. (2003). Identification of novel subunits of the TOM complex from Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant physiology and biochemistry, 41(5), 407-416.

Showing entries 361 - 380 out of 434