Dr. Thomas Reinard: Teaching

Dr. Reinard offers courses in Biology, Life Science Molecular and Applied Plant Sciences as well as Plant Biotechnology for the Bachelor's programs. Within the Master's program, courses for the MSc Life Science and MSc Plant Biotechnology courses are provided. For all study programs we offer final theses, please inform yourself on the corresponding page of the division.

Dr. Reinard was awarded with the Teaching Award 2018 of the Faculty of Natural Sciences.



  • Methods in Molecular Biology

    The methods used in molecular biology are developing incredibly fast. Just a few years ago, the sequencing of a complete genome would have been perceived as a mere utopia. Today, it is common practice to work with synthetically produced DNAs and clone 10 DNA fragments simultaneously into a plasmid. Knowledge about the possible applications as well as the underlying principles of current methods in molecular biology is therefore of utmost importance. Only with this knowledge can the limitations and sources of error of the methods be identified and avoided.

    The textbook Molkularbiologische Methoden 2.0, (German language)  by Dr. Reinard, on which the lecture is based, was published in the 3rd edition in 2021.

  • Advanced Methods in Molecular Biology

    After establishing the basic principles of molecular biology and bioinformatics in the bachelor's courses, this module focuses on advanced and very current methods.

    The module is offered for the master's courses in Life Science and Plant Biotechnology. During the lecture period, the students prepare a proposal for a research project. From all submitted projects, one will be selected, which will be carried out by all students during their internship.