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Coop Exchange in Hannover

Northeastern University Boston

As part of the exchange program with the Northeastern University Boston, students of the NEU can also make a Research Co-op at the Leibniz University in Hannover. Please note that in Hannover only the LUH is involved in the program and none of the other local universities. Since the exchange is with the faculty of Natural Science, students from Biology, Biochemistry, and Chemistry are most suited to do a Co-op in Hannover.

Here you can find a blog of a former NEU student who wrote down her experiences in Hannover. 

If you are interested in an exchange, best way is to contact: 


Lisa Campagnoni

Northeastern University,

Global Co-op College of Science Undergraduate Co-op

360 Huntington Ave |  Boston, MA 02115 – MU 206 |   

You can also contact the German exchange students, who are usually around from October to March in certain labs in Mugar Hall or one of the former exchange students (usually about 5- 7 / year).