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Debener, T., Janakiram, T., & Mattiesch, L. (2000). Sports and seedlings of rose varieties analysed with molecular markers. PLANT BREEDING.

Gandelin, M. H., Reynders-Aloisi, S., Mando, B., Debener, T., Drewes-Alvarez, R., Spellerberg, B., Cubero, J., & Roberts, A. (2000). European network for characterisation and evaluation of the genus rosa germplasm (in French). in XIX International Symposium on Improvement of Ornamental Plants (S. 341-344). (Acta Horticulturae; Band 508). International Society for Horticultural Science.

Von Malek, B., Weber, W. E., & Debener, T. (2000). Identification of molecular markers linked to Rdr1, a gene conferring resistance to blackspot in roses. Theoretical and applied genetics.


Debener, T., & Mattiesch, L. (1999). Construction of a genetic linkage map for roses using RAPD and AFLP markers. Theoretical and applied genetics.

Debener, T. (1999). Genetic analysis of horticulturally important morphological and physiological characters in diploid roses. Gartenbauwissenschaft.


Debener, T., & Mattiesch, L. (1998). Effective pairwise combination of long primers for RAPD analyses in roses. PLANT BREEDING.

Debener, T., Drewes-Alvarez, R., & Rockstroh, K. (1998). Identification of five physiological races of blackspot, Diplocarpon rosae, Wolf on roses. PLANT BREEDING.

Von Malek, B., & Debener, T. (1998). Genetic analysis of resistance to blackspot (Diplocarpon rosae) in tetraploid roses. Theoretical and applied genetics.


Debener, T., Bartels, C., & Spethmann, W. (1997). Parentage analysis in interspecific crosses between rose species with RAPD markers,Vaterschaftsanalysen in artkreuzungen bei rosen mit hilfe von RAPD-markern. Gartenbauwissenschaft.


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Debener, T., Bartels, C., & Mattiesch, L. (1996). RAPD analysis of genetic variation between a group of rose cultivars and selected wild rose species. Molecular breeding.


Debener, T., Lehnackers, H., Arnold, M., & Dangl, J. L. (1991). Identification and molecular mapping of a single Arabidopsis thaliana locus determining resistance to a phytopathogenic Pseudomonas syringae isolate. Plant Journal.

Debener, T., Salamini, F., & Gebhardt, C. (1991). The Use of RFLPs (Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphisms) Detects Germplasm Introgressions from Wild Species into Potato (Solanum tuberosum ssp. tuberosum) Breeding Lines. PLANT BREEDING, 106(3), 173-181.

Gebhardt, C., Ritter, E., Barone, A., Debener, T., Walkemeier, B., Schachtschabel, U., Kaufmann, H., Thompson, R. D., Bonierbale, M. W., Ganal, M. W., Tanksley, S. D., & Salamini, F. (1991). RFLP maps of potato and their alignment with the homoeologous tomato genome. Theoretical and applied genetics.

Ritter, E., Debener, T., Barone, A., Salamini, F., & Gebhardt, C. (1991). RFLP mapping on potato chromosomes of two genes controlling extreme resistance to potato virus X (PVX). MGG Molecular & General Genetics.


Barone, A., Ritter, E., Schachtschabel, U., Debener, T., Salamini, F., & Gebhardt, C. (1990). Localization by restriction fragment length polymorphism mapping in potato of a major dominant gene conferring resistance to the potato cyst nematode Globodera rostocbiensis. MGG Molecular & General Genetics.

Debener, T., Salamini, F., & Gebhardt, C. (1990). Phylogeny of wild and cultivated Solanum species based on nuclear restriction fragment length polymorphisms (RFLPs). Theoretical and applied genetics.


Gebhardt, C., Blomendahl, C., Schachtschabel, U., Debener, T., Salamini, F., & Ritter, E. (1989). Identification of 2n breeding lines and 4n varieties of potato (Solanum tuberosum, ssp. tuberosum) with RFLP-fingerprints. Theoretical and applied genetics.

Gebhardt, C., Ritter, E., Debener, T., Schachtschabel, U., Walkemeier, B., Uhrig, H., & Salamini, F. (1989). RFLP analysis and linkage mapping in Solanum tuberosum. Theoretical and applied genetics.

Zeige Ergebnisse 121 - 139 von 139
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