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Research topics

  • Genetic and molecular analyses of plant-pathogen interactions
  • Application of molecular markers for plant breeding and genetics
  • Evaluation of plant genetic resources for resistance breeding
  • Molecular characterisation of plant pathogen populations


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Original Publications

Jonietz, C., Forner, J., Hildebrandt, T. and Binder, S. (2011): RNA PROCESSING FACTOR3 Is Crucial for the Accumulation of Mature ccmC Transcripts in Mitochondria of Arabidopsis Accession Columbia., Plant Physiol. 157, 1430-1439.

Hildebrandt, T. (2011): Biochem. Biophy. Acta (Bioenergetics) 1807, 1206-1213, Biochem. Biophy. Acta (Bioenergetics) 1807, 1206-1213

Lee, C.P., Eubel, H., O'Toole, N. and Millar, A.H. (2011): Combining proteomics of root and shoot mitochondria and transcript analysis to define constitutive and variable components in plant mitochondria., Phytochemistry 72, 1092-1108.

Poland, V., Eubel, H., King, M., Solheim, C., Millar A.H. and Baer, B. (2011): Stored sperm differs from ejaculated sperm by proteome alterations associated with energy metabolism in the honeybee Apis mellifera., Mol Ecol. 20, 2643-2654.

Duncan, O., Taylor, N.L., Carrie, C., Eubel. H., Kubiszewski-Jakubiak, S., Zhang, B., Narsai, R., Millar, A.H. and Whelan, J. (2011): Multiple lines of evidence localize signaling, morphology, and lipid biosynthesis machinery to the mitochondrial outer membrane of Arabidopsis., Plant Physiol. 157: 1093-1113.

Klie, M and Debener, T.  (2011): Identification of superior reference genes for data normalisation of expression studies via quantitative PCR in roses, BMC Research Notes 4:518 doi:10.1186/1756-0500-4-518

Terefe-Ayana, T., Yasmin, A., Le, T.L. Kaufmann, H., Biber, A., Kühr, A., Schmidt, N., Linde, M. and Debener, T (2011): Mining disease resistance genes in roses: functional and molecular characterisation of the Rdr1 locus. , Frontiers in Plant Biology 2: Article 35 doi: 3389/fpls.2011.00035

Meiners, J. Debener, T., Schweizer, G. and Winkelmann, T.  (2011): Analysis of the taxonomic subdivision within the genus Helleborus by nuclear DNA content and genome-wide DNA markers. , Scientia Horticulturae 128: 38-47

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Yu, Y., Streubel, J., Balzergue, S., Champion, A., Boch, J., Koebnik, R., Feng, J.-X., Verdier, V., and Szurek, B. (2011): Colonization of rice leaf blades by an African strain of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae depends on a new TAL effector which induces the rice nodulin-3 Os11N3 gene. , Mol. Plant-Microbe Interact. 24, 1102-1113. weitere Informationen

C. Hogekamp, D. Arndt, P.A. Pereira, J.D. Becker, N. Hohnjec, H. Küster (2011): Laser microdissection unravels cell-type-specific transcription in arbuscular mycorrhizal roots, including CAAT-box transcription factor gene expression correlating with fungal contact and spread, Plant Physiol 157(4): 2023-2043 weitere Informationen

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Dubinin, J., Braun, H.P., Schmitz, U.K. and Colditz, F. (2011): The mitochondrial proteome of the model legume Medicago truncatula. , Biochem. Biophys. Acta (Proteins and Proteomics) 1814, 1658-1668 weitere Informationen

Vödisch, M., Scherlach, K., Winkler, R., Hertweck, C., Braun, H.P., Roth, M., Haas, H., Werner, E.R., Brakhage, A.A., Kniemeyer, O. (2011): Analysis of the Aspergillus fumigatus proteome reveals metabolic changes and the activation of the pseurotin A biosynthesis gene cluster in response to hypoxia. , J. Proteome Res. 10, 2508-2524 weitere Informationen

Klodmann, J., Lewejohann, D. and Braun, H.P.  (2011): Low-SDS Blue native PAGE., Proteomics 11, 1834-1839 weitere Informationen

Klodmann, J. and Braun, H.P. (2011): Proteomic approach to characterize mitochondrial complex I from plants., Phytochemistry 72, 1071-1080 weitere Informationen

Farese, S., Stauffer, E., Kalicki, R., Hildebrandt, T., Frey, B.M., Frey, F.J., Uehlinger, D.E. and Pasch, A. (2011): Sodium thiosulfate pharmacokinetics in hemodialysis patients and healthy volunteers., Clin J Am Soc Nephrol 6, 1447-1455.

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Rode C., Gallien S., Heintz D., Van Dorsselaer, A., Braun, H.P. and Winkelmann, T. (2011): Enolases-storage compounds in seeds? Evidence from a proteomic comparison of zygotic and somatic embryos of Cyclamen persicum Mill. , Plant Mol. Biol. Volume 75, 305-319 weitere Informationen

King M, Eubel H, Millar AH, Baer B (2011): Proteins within the seminal fluid are crucial to keep sperm viable in the honeybee Apis mellifera., J. Insect Physiol. 57: 409-414

Zeiser, J.J., Klodmann, J., Braun, H.P., Gerhard, R., Just, I. and Pich, A. (2011): Effects of Clostridium difficile Toxin A on the proteome of colonocytes studied by differential 2D Electrophoresis., J. Proteomics 75, 469-479 weitere Informationen

Spiller, M., Linde, M., Hibrand-Saint Oyan,t L., Tsai, C.J., Byrne, D.H., Smulders, MJM , Foucher F, Debener, T.  (2011): Towards a unified Genetic Map for diploid roses. , Theoret. Appl. Genet. 122 (3): 489-500

Meiners, J. Debener, T., Schweizer, G. and Winkelmann, T.  (2011): Analysis of the taxonomic subdivision within the genus Helleborus by nuclear DNA content and genome-wide DNA markers., Scientia Horticulturae 128: 38-47

Terefe, D., Debener T (2011): An SSR from the LRR region of the rose Rdr1 gene family is a useful RGA marker for roses and other Rosaceae., Plant Breeding 130 (2): 291-293 (DOI:10.1111/j.1439-0523.2010.01780.x.)

Book Articles

Welchen, E., Klodmann, J. and Braun, H.P.  (2011): Biogenesis and supramolecular organization of OXPHOS system in plants., In: "Plant mitochondria", Kempken, F. (ed), "Advances of Plant Biology" series, Springer, New York, pp 327-356.

Winkelmann T , Rode C, Bartsch M, Prange A, Heintz D, Van Dorsselaer A, Braun HP.  (2011): Towards a Better Understanding of Somatic Embryogenesis in Cyclamen persicum. , Acta Hort. 923, 15-23.

Other Publications

Braun, H.P. und Binder, S.  (2011): Tagungsbericht: "International Conference for Plant Mitochondrial Biology" (ICPMB)., Actualia, Berichte der Deutschen Botanischen Gesellschaft. weitere Informationen