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AG Plant Organelle Biology


Dr. Holger Eubel 
Abteilung Pflanzenproteomik
E-Mail: heubelgenetik.uni-hannover.de 




The Plant Organelle Biology Group focusses on the analysis of protein patterns of plant organelles, like mitochondria, chloroplasts and peroxisomes, to gain insight into functional aspects of these organelles in the context of cellular physiology. For our comparative proteomics approach, we perform organelle isolations from plants or plant cell cultures subjected to different treatments, from different points of a time course, or from different genotypes. We then analyze the changes in the protein composition. This, combined with biological assays of key physiological parameters of these organelles, provides new information on organelle functions and regulation.

Current research projects involve:

  • Investigation of the plant mitochondrial surface proteome, its dynamics and influence on mitochondrial function

  • Identification of carrier proteins in the inner mitochondrial membrane

  • Studying the effects of continuous non-photosynthetic conditions on the mitochondrial and peroxisomal proteomes

  • nativepI - A calculator for native isoelectic points